The history of St. Matthew begins in the early 1870's the first pioneer farmers settled in Wilson Township. They converted the cut-over and burnt over forest land into farming acres. These people were German Lutheran immigrants from Hanover and West Prussia.

It goes on to read the community without a church was incomplete. There were children to be baptized and instructed, couples to be married, the dead to be accorded Christian burial, the sick and bereaved to be comforted.

On February 23, 1882 the congregation was organized and adopted a constitution and chose the name St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church. Since it's formation in 1988, this congregation has been a member of the ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which is a merger of three Lutheran church bodies: the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, the Lutheran Church in America and the American Lutheran Church.

Throughout the years, the original ten acres of land has seen the construction of four church buildings, three parsonages and one school. A church cemetery is located approximately a half mile south of the current church. The current parsonage was built in 1951 and the current church building was dedicated in 1993. A softball field, bell tower (housing the original bell), carillon, paved parking lot, storage barn and mission garden have been added to the site.

To date, twenty pastors have served at St. Matthew, beginning with Rev. F.W Wendt in 1882, to the current pastor, Rev. Leslie Nye.

This congregation has had the privilege of sharing the love of God found in Jesus Christ for over one hundred and thirty years. We look forward to the future with great anticipation as we continue to be believers following Christ, growing in faith, and reflecting God's love.

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